Commercial Bay Heath & Safety Management Systems

Project: Commercial Bay, Auckland for Precinct Properties

September 07, 2020

From 2019 until opening date in June 2020, Construct Health was involved in the provision of a full health and safety management team on site for the large Commercial Bay project. Find out more about our involvement in this large, complex project.
Auckland Viaduct

Project: Argon Construction

June 17, 2020

Construct Health worked with Argon Construction in developing and auditing their H&S management systems to AS/NZS 4801 level of compliance. This included the development of a full health and safety management system including, training of staff to these systems.  

Project: ICON Construction

Project: ICON Construction

May 01, 2020

Working with the executive team, to help establish executive engagement for Health and Safety, including setting requirements for due diligence.